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With a broad, high quality range, Panasonic offer home cinema systems to suit any requirements.  Their selectionincludes 2.1, 5.1, and fully wireless speaker systems.

We feel particularly strong models in the 2009 range include the SC-BT205 BLU-RAY DISC HOME CINEMA SYSTEM (With tall-boy speakers) and the SC-BT200 BLU-RAY HOME CINEMA SYSTEM (with satellite speakers).

To view Panasonics' full range, please click here.

Home cinema, also called home theater, are entertainment systems that seek to reproduce movie theater quality video and audio in a private home. In the 1950s, home movies became popular in the United States with Kodak 8 mm film projector equipment becoming affordable. The development of multi-channel audio systems and laserdisc in the 1980s created a new paradigm for home cinema. In the early to mid 1990s, a typical home cinema would have a Laserdisc or S-VHS videocassette player fed to a large rear projection television. In the late 1990s, home theatre technology progressed with the development of DVD, Dolby Digital 5.1-channel audio ("surround sound"), and High-Definition Television.

Technology Corner

Kelton Subwoofer

Panasonics' systems include Kelton Subwoofer technology which aids the delivery of rich, deep bass that makes viewing films on Blu-Ray disc or DVD disc 'a truly thrilling experience'.  This subwoofer features two internal chambers, causing a large 25cm passive radiator in the front chamber to produce deep bass.Because the front chamber functions as an acoustic filter, there is minimal unwanted noise.  The thinness and high compliance of the passive radiator help achieve an extremely clean, powerful and responsive bass sound.

Bamboo Diaphram

Use of rigid, low-density bamboo in the woofer and tweeter cones of the centre and front speakers helps achieve a highly responsive sound.  In the case of the centre speaker, voices are especially pure and clear, making dialogue crisp and easy to understand.

In the 2000s, the term "home cinema" encompasses a range of systems. The most basic system could be a DVD player, a standard CRT television, and a "home theater in a box", a 2.1 speaker system with left and right speakers and a small 8" subwoofer cabinet. An expensive home cinema set-up might include a Blu-ray player, a 60" High-Definition Television with a "cinema-style" 16:9 format, a several thousand-watt home theatre receiver with five to seven surround sound speakers, and a powered subwoofer with a 12" (or more) driver. The most expensive home theater set-ups, which can cost over $100,000 US, have digital projectors, expensive screens, and custom-built screening rooms which include cinema-style chairs and Audiophile-grade sound equipment.

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