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Multi-room audio systems are becoming increasingly popular, mostly due to their conveniance.

QED Systemline Modular

We have QED certified engineers, able to fully install all multi-room audio systems.

"The QED Systemline Modular system is completely different to all other multi-room audio systems because it uses active speakers and the only cable it requires is category 5e ethernet cable. This concept allows you to pre-wire your home with low cost cable and then build and add to your audio system over a period of time.

This allows you to distribute up to 6 audio sources in up to 6 or 8 rooms/zones, with a true 10 watts per channel RMS output at each speaker. Each of these rooms can have 2 additional independently controlled subzones. Each zone can have a local input facility, so that PCs and portable CD or MP3 players can be connected and played through the in-ceiling speakers.

Systemline Modular offers unprecedented flexibility, whilst maintaining full interconnectivity. The system knows what each part of its component parts is doing, including its exact status. For example, if a ceiling speaker receives a command to switch to a local input, it will change its display accordingly. It will also tell the keypad in that zone to do the same."

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