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Roberts Radio

We have been authorised stockists of Roberts radios for a number of years, and they have consistently produced top quality radios.

"Founded in 1932, Roberts Radio Limited is the UK brand leader in the portable radio market and is sold around the world from Japan to USA. The iconic Revival radio is instantly recognizable as part of the Roberts family and with a reputation built on producing high quality premium brand radios for the consumer market Roberts continues to lead in its field with a range of over one hundred different DAB, analogue, world radios, radio cassettes and internet radios.

With a heritage of over 75 years, Roberts has an unmatched reputation for quality and reliability and unrivalled experience in its field. With its commitment to improvement the company remains at the forefront of product development and innovation.

Today Roberts has brought major innovations to the radio market with the introduction of the PausePlus facility, CD and SD bookmark, radios with Electronic Programme Guide and Wi Fi. Roberts continues to develop technologies to introduce many industry ‘firsts’ including ‘the first DAB / FM radio for the iPod’ and the ‘first truly portable DAB / Wi Fi radio". Roberts.

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We took on a TEAC dealership in 2005 and have been very impressed with the consistent quality of products across their range.

A UK-based company, we find TEAC most popular with our customers due to the elegant, modern designs of their products, and the excellent functionality they provide.

"Our daily lives have changed dramatically over the last few decades and our choice of music delivery has changed with the times. TEAC have been at the heart of new technology and today we offer a range of lifestyle radio products that look and sound amazing. From Retro Radios that take you back to the 50s to the latest flat speaker technology, TEAC lifestyle products offer a unique look combined with new technology that will bring you the best possible sound in your home.

So, brighten up your life with a whole new world of crystal clear radio." Teac

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