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A major part of Thomsons' package is our customer service.  We endeavour to cover any products we sell either through a one year guarantee or extended warranty.

We also offer rental and maintenance packages.

News 04/10/2012

Update for TX-LxxC5, U5 and X5 Viera TV’s

Starting on Friday 5th October, there will be an over air download for the TX-LxxC5B / U5B / X5B. This is to improve the OAD (Over Air Download) functionality within the set.

This update will run every weekend from 10:00 am each Friday until 09:00 am each Monday until further notice.

To update the set, select a BBC HD channel. Thereafter the software should automatically install once the update has been accepted by the user.

Important Note

Please be aware that, although the set displays a message that the download will take around 20 minutes, it is more likely to take around 40 - 45 minutes. During the update process please ensure that the TV is not operated or turned off. Once the update is complete, a confirmation screen will be displayed.

Current Offers - Dubbing

We are now able to offer any of the following formats copied for just £10 per copy.


Video8 to DVD

Hi8 to DVD




Audio cassette to CD

Vinyl to CD

CD to SD